How To Play Slots Using Strategies

 Playing gaming slots is pure luck, an entirely random event. However, there are many mathematical systems and strategies that some players try to use to increase their chances of winning.

It is essential to understand that none of these systems can guarantee success, and they do not change the statistics of slot machines. Therefore, do not try to determine how to spin the slots correctly. After all, this is a computer simulation based on a random number generator without any mechanics.

Fixed percentage

With this strategy, the player sets a fixed percentage of his gaming account that he is willing to spend in one gaming session. He then places bets that amount to a certain percentage of his pot.


Spending at most 0.5% of the current game bank is optimal. That is, every time you divide the bank by 200% you decide to bet half a percent. This method helps manage risk and prevent rapid losses. There won’twill be little growth or decline in the bank.

“Passwords” system

This strategy involves choosing a sequence of bets. The player determines a pre-arranged sequence of bets that he will make during the gaming session. The session length is optional. Let’s say it consists of 6 elements. For example, this could be a sequence of bets: 1-1-2-2-3-3. Please note that the difference between adjacent elements should not be significant.

At the end of the cycle, the player counts profits and losses and determines the overall balance. Starts a new cycle. After a certain number of cycles, a person sees the result – whether it is possible or not to increase the bank. Depending on the results, he decides whether to play according to this sequence of bets or make a new one. Through trial and error, the gamer determines how to play slots using the “Passwords” system c” correctly. Just for this strategy, the “Demo” mode is handy. This lets you quickly understand how to play slots correctly without risking your money.

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